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Dr. Nael Adel Ishnineh


    Dr. Nael Adel Ishnineh

    Dr. Nael Adel Ishnineh

    • Received his Bachelor’s degree in dental surgery from De Montmorency college of dentistry. Punjab University, Lahore Pakistan 1994
    • Over 20 years of extensive experience in the dental field. Including working for the government with the ministry of health in Ras Al Khaimah for 11 years where he was able to gain the skills and people’s trust and his excellent reputation among his patients over the years which pave the way for Smile Care’s Success.
    • Officially Joined Smile Care Team in 2010
    • Majority of his work is in the cosmetic dentistry category

    Courses and certificates accumulated:

    • Dental Implants course in Italy, 2017
    • Laser Course in Germany, 2010
    • Cosmetic Dentistry and veneers course in India
    • Certified CEREC CAD/Cam User
    • Certified Lumineer practitioner
    • Various courses in the cosmetic dentistry across the UAE
    • lecturer and organizer for various dental/medical conferences and events in Ras Al Khaimah
    • He has many radio and television interviews for educational purposes including hosting a medical radio show called the doctor on air in Ras Al Khaimah local radio station throughout four months period.

    Philosophy in the dental practice:

    A good dentist or dentistry practice is owned by time, Time is its master and true revealer, The only way to know for a fact that this dentist is good or did a great job with any treatment is by giving its ome time and then getting back to it for true feedback.
    And a patient could not even know that there’s a problem with the work that has been done or suffer from any problem. But it takes a skilled doctor and an excellent diagnosis to expose whether a good job has been done here or not.

    “My work speaks for me”

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