Dr. Zina, Family medicine specialist and medical director at Hijazi Medical Center, along with performing her duties as a specialist earned her MD in the year 2022 from the American University of Beirut, after completing her Specialisation of Family Medicine in 2006. She is proudly the Member of the American Academy of Family Physicians 2006 till this date.
Dr. Zina was a Professor at the Global University in Beirut From 2004-2006 where she received an award for Professor of the year in 2006 voted by the students and faculty.

for over a period of 20 years, she has been in a fast paced, busy medical center and hospital environments such as the American University of Beirut where she dealt with medical emergencies as they occurred.
In addition to the above incredible experience, Dr. Zina has also worked as a consultant, head of family medicine department, at the consultant clinics of Beirut in the heart of down town Beirut.
She has a special interest in women’s health , in 2007 she received her degree in materno-fetal ultrasound from Rajavethee hospital in Thailand.

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