Oligo-Check is an innovative, AI-Based health screening device that operates based on the widely known, scientifically valid principles of spectrophotometry.

This technique allows complete examination of the body without a droplet of blood. It exposes the cells to a light spectrum. It then analyses the reflected light to estimate the level of minerals, heavy metals, vitamins, and oxidative stress present in the body.

The concentration of these chemicals demonstrates the risks for potential illnesses that one might face shortly, thus recommending helpful interventions beforehand.
In only 30 seconds, the Oligo-Check report will appear on the health practitioner’s screen with all the information mentioned earlier.

How does it work?
The Oligo/Check is a reliable and scientifically proven device.
A series of tests and comparative studies have been carried out by researchers who have put forth the correlation between the results of the Oligo/Check and the results of a laboratory. The results are based on our algorithms based on physiological analysis approved by the scientific community.

The physiological data is entered.
The dermis is scanned via spectrophotometry.
The data is processed and analyzed by the Oligo-scan app.
The data is sent to and saved on a secure server which enables a follow-up care.
The results can be consulted on your computer.

Body Composition Analysis (BMI test)

Body composition analysis is the assessment of the proportion of fat to fat-free mass in your body.

Even though it's important for the health of all individuals to have an understanding of their body mass index, it is especially important for athletes to monitor their body composition.

It is widely used as a general indicator of whether a person has a healthy body weight for their height. Specifically, the value obtained from the calculation of BMI is used to categorize whether a person is underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese depending on what range the value falls between.

These ranges of BMI vary based on factors such as region and age, and are sometimes further divided into subcategories such as severely underweight or very severely obese.
Being overweight or underweight can have significant health effects, so while BMI is an imperfect measure of healthy body weight, it is a useful indicator of whether any additional testing or action is required. Refer to the table below to see the different categories based on BMI that are used by the calculator.

Preventive Medicine

The aim of preventive medicine is the absence of disease, either by preventing the occurrence of a disease or by halting a disease and averting resulting complications after its onset.

Preventive medicine can be practised by primary care physicians and the individual himself.
In preventive medicine we provide:
-Routine and preventive vaccinations
All routine childhood and teen immunizations including influenza and pediatric services (scheduled and unscheduled immunizations) are covered by Smile Care Medical Center.
- Nutritional advice
Dr. Zaina, tackles nutrition and diet in a unique approach that touches on all angles that could unravel the root cause of eating disorders. So instead of just giving the patient a strict diet, our doctor will prescribe a specific program to each patient according to his /her condition.Which ensures that the treatment plan is tailored toward our patient's needs.

- Psychotherapy sessions
Psychotherapy is a general term for treating mental health problems by talking with a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health provider. During psychotherapy, you learn about your condition, moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

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