Smile Care Medical Center: Comprehensive Laboratory Testing Services

State-of-the-Art Laboratory Services for Accurate Diagnostics

Advanced Diagnostic Profiles

General Health Profile

Our laboratory offers a complete general health profile to assess overall health and detect any underlying conditions, providing a broad overview of your health status.

Vitamins, Anemia, and Allergy Profiles

We conduct detailed profiles for vitamins, anemia, and allergies (Profile 1 and 2) to identify specific deficiencies, allergic reactions, and related health issues.

Specialized Testing for Specific Health Concerns

Prostatic, Hair, and Fertility Profiles

Specialized tests like the prostatic profile, hair profile, and female fertility profile are available to address specific health concerns and conditions.

Thyroid and Liver Function Tests

Our laboratory conducts comprehensive thyroid function profiles (Profile 1 and 2) and liver function tests to assess the health and functionality of these vital organs.

Comprehensive Organ Function and Disease Risk Assessments

Renal Function and Osteoporosis Profiles

We provide renal function tests and osteoporosis profiles to evaluate the health of the kidneys and the risk or presence of osteoporosis.

Diet Profile

The diet profile is designed to provide insights into nutritional needs and diet-related health aspects, aiding in personalized dietary planning.

PCR Test

Our lab is equipped to perform PCR tests, essential for accurate detection of various pathogens, including viruses.

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Why Choose Smile Care for Laboratory Services?

Smile Care Medical Center’s laboratory services are a cornerstone of our commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare. Equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced professionals, our lab offers a wide range of tests, from routine health checks to specialized profiles. We ensure accurate, timely, and reliable test results, aiding in effective diagnosis and treatment planning for our patients.

Comprehensive health solutions

experienced team with 15 years of expertise in dental care, family medicine, beauty and dermatology, orthopedics, and health and wellness services.

Latest technology & high-quality care

equipped with the latest technology and committed to patient comfort and satisfaction, delivering personalized and expert care.

Quality Services

High Quality Services right here right now in Ras Al Khaimah Combined packages for stunning results

Warm and elegant environment

Family-friendly and welcoming,for a comfortable experience

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Our Expert Doctors

Our Services

Best Quality Services

Experience exceptional health care at Smile Care, one of the leaders in RAK. Our experienced professionals bring 15 years of expertise to dental care, Medical services, cosmetic effective non-surgical treatments As Botox / Fillers in addition to skin and laser treatments. Committed to patient comfort, we use the latest technology and provide personalized care to ensure a welcoming and comfortable experience.

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Family Medicine
Dermatology & Skin
General Medicine

Patients Reviews

The Honest Review From Our Patients

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Honestly I can’t ask for more..a place that has fulfilled the patient needs from the amazing atmosphere to the lovely staff and the most important the experience that they have in their field..must visit if needed of course recommended 100% ❤️ all the best and keep the amazing work up



The Best Medical Center Ever

Morad Hattab


Always brilliant and creative



Great staff and great medical service special thanks to Dr Asma

Shahad Alseewi


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