Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

The thought of an endodontic treatment like a root canal might make you fearful or uneasy, especially when one is not familiar with the procedure and is bombarded with unsolicited or impractical advice from cultural practices, and stories of excruciating root canal pain, unlike scientifically proven phenomenon. But the only way to help your oral hygiene is by selecting processes and practicing habits that will retain your natural teeth, providing you with chewing abilities that last a lifetime.

Your comfort is our first priority at Smile Care Medical Centre, and we go above and beyond to make sure you have no discomfort throughout your visit. To reduce any pain during the treatment, our talented dentists use the most up-to-date procedures and contemporary anesthetic techniques.

Sit back and take your time to read this blog. Learn about what root canal treatment is, when, and why it is needed. How is it done, aftercare processes, and what to expect after or while undergoing this treatment?

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Your teeth go through various bites, some hard to chew, some sweeter than honey, some sour, and some spicy. While it goes through all these tastes and bites, it can get bacterial infections or other inflammations. When this infection occurs at the center of your teeth, it likely is an issue of root canal. This is where root canal procedures come in. The treatment involves removing infected or damaged pulp from the inside of the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the root canal, and sealing it to prevent further infection.

At Smile Care Medical Centre, we understand that having a root canal procedure might be intimidating. But we want to reassure you that for many years, families and individuals in Ras al Khaimah have been receiving painless root canal procedures from our expert dentists.

Your Teeth Healed or the Pulp Died?

It is important to get dental X-rays done whenever there is an emergence of any symptom that invokes teeth sensitivity or pain while biting or chewing food. This is because these symptoms usually appear when there is persisting inflammation in your teeth canal and it is allowing bacteria to multiply and consequently spread. As the bacterial infection progresses the symptoms tend to disappear for some time as the infectious pulp dies.

However, when you leave the infected teeth in your mouth, the infection establishes itself and manifests in the shape of the following symptoms:

  • Severe toothache pain upon chewing or application of pressure
  • Prolonged sensitivity/pain to heat or cold temperatures (after the hot or cold has been removed)
  • Discoloration (Teeth turning into a darker color)
  • Swelling and tenderness near the affected tooth
  • A persistent or recurring pimple on the gum
  • Puss oozing out of the affected area

Relieve Pain and Acquire Oral Health:

Once you have decided to take advantage of saving the tooth naturally through root canal treatment, you must prepare yourself for efficient chewing, normal biting force, healthy appearance of the teeth, and prevention of your gums or teeth from excessive wear, strain, or swelling. To acquire optimum oral health through root canal treatment your teeth go through the following procedural steps, depending upon the condition of your teeth
  • Diagnosis and X-ray: This step determines the extent of the damage or infection.
  • Anesthesia: This allows for a painless procedure.
  • Pulpectomy: During Pulpectomy, the diseased tooth pulp is removed.
  • Cleaning and Shaping: In this step, the root canal is cleaned, enlarged, and shaped.
  • Filling: This step covers the filling of the root canals with biocompatible material, usually rubber-like.
  • Sealing: The opening in the tooth is sealed with a temporary or permanent filling.

Better Safe Than Toothless!

Root canal treatment increases the chances of survival of infected teeth rather than complete removal. This treatment has a high success rate, provided that the aftercare of the tooth especially after the first few days of the treatment, is done properly. The fixed tooth holds the restoration crown perfectly with the proper intake of over-the-counter pain medications and oral hygiene maintenance.

We are committed to giving our patients ethical dental treatment. If a root canal is required for the health of your mouth, our dentists will do a comprehensive examination and propose the procedure only then. You can rely on us to put your health first above everything else.


Healthy teeth are one blessing you must never take for granted! They are a way to experience the finest tastes of this world. So in case you are experiencing any symptoms that can reflect infectious teeth, we encourage you to receive root canal treatment in Ras al Khaimah at Smile Care Medical Center. 

Visit us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced general dentists. Your oral health is our priority!

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